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Marietje Schaake

Member of European Parliament

44 jaar


In a rapidly changing world, a united and democratic Europe is essential for our freedom and our quality of life. One can expect that politicians take responsibility and show leadership, to make Europe more competing, to extend our strategic position, but also to defend human rights worldwide.

“D66 stands for a strong Europe in a rapidly changing world. We should start afresh and be ambitious when defending human rights and liberal values.”

The digital revolution opens new forms of governance and entrepreneurship. Through open data, citizens should improve their environment and the checks and balances on authorities. The European digital internal market needs to be perfected in order to stimulate new growth and innovation. Modernisation of copyright is therefore essential.

This mandate Marietje will be active as a full member in:

– Committee on International Trade (INTA)
– Delegation for relations with the United States

and as a substitute member in:
– Commitee on Foreign Affairs (AFET)
– Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI)
– Delegation for relation with Iran

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