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Monday 24 November 2014

EU needs new Iran strategy as deadline comprehensive deal lapses

Marietje Schaake (MEP, ALDE) responds to the end of the nuclear talks in Vienna. Today the deadline set by the P5+1 negotiators ended without a comprehensive deal. “This is a very disappointing outcome. After investing unprecedented political capital in these negotiations, and the explicit wish for Iran to work together with the international community more constructively, anything less than a comprehensive deal was undesired.”

Extension talks
The talks are now set to continue. Schaake: “An extension comes with great risk. A new US Congress with a majority of Republicans, and an Iranian parliament (Majlis) dominated by conservatives can set off a series of complicating initiatives by hardliners. Continuing talking should be done only with a clear focus on a comprehensive deal. It is also key that the continuation of negotiations does not overshadow other important topics.”

Human Rights
Schaake has called for an independent EU strategy towards Iran, and urges High Representative Mogherini to put human rights back on top of the European agenda in relation to Iran. “For the people in Iran, nothing has changed, while change and more openness are desperately needed. The population’s quality of life, and their fundamental rights and freedoms have suffered for decades. Human rights have been overshadowed by the need to put all efforts into these negotiations. We can not allow the one issue focus to go on any longer.”

Photo: CreativeCommons, openDemocracy