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Wednesday 19 November 2014

MEP Marietje Schaake responds to transparency initiative TTIP negotiations

Today, the European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström launched an initiative to increase transparency of the negotiations on the trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The proposal will give Members of the European Parliament and the public more access to negotiating documents. Member of the European Parliament, Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66), responds:

“It is great to see that the Commissioner is showing her commitment to transparency and is taking steps to increase the accessibility of trade negotiations, as she promised she would during her hearing. It is crucial that both the European Commission and European Member States involve stakeholders, including companies large and small, civil society and advocacy groups. Concerns must be heard, but the negotiators must also know where the opportunities lie for Europe. We must make sure we get the best possible deal for Europeans.”

“Both the US and the EU have stated that they are looking for a ‘fresh start’ in the TTIP negotiations. The EU has always advocated its commitment to an ambitious agreement. It is important that the Americans also show their commitment by starting in-depth discussions on important European interests such as procurement, financial services and shipping. The US Trade Representative Michael Froman will be in Brussels later this week to speak with European Trade Ministers and the Commissioner, they must press him on these topics.”